Emulsifiers & Surfactants


  • INCI NAME- Polyglyceryl-4 Stearate (and) Potassium Olivate

Oleamuls® OW is an oil in water emulsifying system derived from 100% renewable raw materials of Italian origin. It is PEG-free and palm-free and forms highly stable liquid crystal emulsions.
The emulsion obtained is satiny and shiny appearance and a soft and light feel with a refreshing sensation on the skin when applicated. The liquid crystal structure allows high skin absorption with the effect of reducing water-loss.

The recommended emulsification procedure is as follows:
1. Melt the oleaginous phase at 70°C.
2. Heat half of the aqueous phase, containing the emulsifier, to about 50°C.
3. Add the oleaginous phase to the heated portion of the aqueous phase and emulsify
4. Stirring constantly, slowly add the second part of the aqueous phase, which should have been kept at room temperature, to the emulsion previously formed.
5. Process the product thoroughly using a turbo-emulsifier.
6. Add the preservative system, the fragrance and the thermolabile active ingredients.
7. Resume processing with the turbo-emulsifier and continue to stir the emulsion throughout the cooling process.

Dosage level 3,5 – 6% (as sole emulsifier)


ColorIvory/light yellow
pH6.0 – 8.0
Melting point≥56°C
Acid number15 max.(mg KOH/g)
Water content3% max
Saponification number130 – 150
HLB:12 (Experimental)

• 100% plant-derived raw materials and palm-free.
• For light texture emulsions manufactured via heated processing technique in alternative to the Oil in Water (OW) PEG emulsifier.
• Thanks to the liquid-crystal structures it is possible to have stabilization of the emulsion viscosity even in presence of lipid phases with different polarities.
• The emulsion obtained is satiny and shiny in appearance.
• Soft and light feel, with a refreshing sensation to the skin when applied. High skin absorption with the effect of reducing water loss.
• Easy to use, it is fully dispersible in warm water and miscible in vegetal and mineral oils.
• Good density, limited thixotropic behavior and stable viscosity over time. Very low sensitivity to variations in temperature.



  • Day & night creams
  • Sensitive skin products
  • Make-up