Preservatives Boosters, Humectants & Solvents


  • CAS No.- 1117-86-8
  • INCI.- Caprylyl Glycol

1,2 Octanediol is a humectant that can boost or aid the preservation of cosmetic formulations. It can be used in combination with different ingredients to achieve self-preserving formulations, creating a biostatic environment that prevents growth of microorganisms. It is primarily effective against bacteria and can be combined with a yeast and mold control agent for broad spectrum protection. Melts at approximately 30°C to 35°C and contributes a smooth, dry sensory characteristic to skincare products. It is a multi-functional emollient, moisturizer, and wetting agent which can be used in cosmetic emulsion systems such as skin care creams and lotions or in surfactant-based products such as shower gels, facial cleansers, and shampoos.

It is recommended that 1,2 Octanediol be used at concentrations between 0.5% - 5%. When used in emulsions, it is recommended that it be incorporated into the water phase. It is also soluble in oils and may be used in anhydrous formulas.

Dosage level

Recommended concentration 0.5 – 5 %

Solubility completely soluble in water

We suggest adding the recommended concentration to the water phase of your formulation.


Appearance (at 30°C)Clear colorless liquid
OdorVery low odor
Assay (%)99% min
Melting point (°C)26 – 32
Water content (%)1 max

1,2 Octanediol is considered to be antimicrobial and as a preservative booster in many preservative systems. It is also an efficient hydrating agent and booster in formulations against bacteria (both Gram + and Gram-) and yeasts.
The use of 1,2 Octanediol can significantly reduce the amount of preservatives required in the formulation

• Excellent booster for preservative systems
• Improves moisturizing efficiency
• Non-irritating to the skin or skin sensitizing
• Excellent sensory profile



  • Skin care
  • Toiletries
  • Hair care
  • Baby care
  • Sun care
  • Make-up

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