• CAS No.- 10309-37-2
  • INCI.- Bakuchiol

With a structure close to that of resveratrol, bakuchiol first attracted attention for anti-cancer applications or even to fight osteoporosis as shown by its use in Chinese medicine. In recent years, Bakuchiol has found a place in the world of dermatology.
Bakuchiol can significantly reduce wrinkles by different mechanisms and is suitable for sensitive skin. It is also able to decrease acne not only by anti-bacterial action and will support the improvement of the grain as well as the skin complexion.
Indeed, many publications demonstrate its effectiveness in boosting the production of collagen I, II and IV but also its certain protection of the mitochondrial genome as well as the increase of mitochondrial biogenesis.
Studies also show a similar mechanism to retinol, for activities such as DNA microarray. The major difference being that the bakuchiol molecule is not only natural but also non-irritating. No photosensitivity was observed while using this ingredient in day-care formulations.


AppearanceYellowish liquid
SolubilityOil soluble
Use level0.5-1.5%


  • Anti- aging
  • Anti- acne
  • Anti- inflammation
  • Suitable for daycare
  • Suitable for pregnant and breast feeding women