Silicone Replacements

CitroVisc™ 10K

  • CAS No.- 888224-71-3, 67701-30-8
  • INCI.- Polycitronellol (and) Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil

CitroVisc 10K (INCI: polycitronellol (and) hydrogenated vegetable oil) is a biodegradable, natural & high-performing silicone alternative that adheres to Clean Beauty standards. Acting as a strong emollient, it will modify the rheology of your products while adding texture and shine similar to silicone 10000Cps. High performance properties will also display as effective hair conditioner, demonstrating low build-up but effective heat protection.

CitroVisc™ 10K provides valuable alternative to silicone while being 100% biorenewable, biodegradable, and biocompatible. It is non-allergenic and thus suitable for sensitive skincare and haircare products.