Preservative Boosters, Humectants & Solvents


  • CAS No.- 107-88-0
  • INCI.- Butylene Glycol

Belonging to the glycol family Elixi-CARE BG is a humectant and possesses wetting properties. It is a dispersant of essential oils and pigments, acts as a clarifier in formulas containing surfactants and has a mild moisturizing action. Elixi-CARE BG is usually used in aqueous systems or emulsions to retain water to avoid the drying of the product. In anhydrous systems (deodorant sticks or lipsticks for example) it is used to increase plasticity and reduce the possibility of breakage. Capable of retaining fragrances on the skin and preventing the loss of perfume in products, it is safe and non-irritating.
It can also be used as a solvent and antibacterial in cosmetic preparations. Its function is to promote the penetration of the active ingredients by helping to absorb the product more quickly and deeper into the dermis. To do this, Elixi-CARE BG dissolves the intercorneocyte cement, the glue that holds the dead surface cells together, giving the skin aa healthy and compact appearance. Just as it helps the penetration of the active ingredients, Elixi-CARE BG can, however, facilitates the absorption of harmful substances. For this reason it is necessary to carefully observe the ingredients associated with it in the formulation of a cosmetic product.

Elixi-CARE BG is well known in cosmetics for its good moisturizing properties and for improving preservative systems. It inhibits gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms as well as molds and yeasts.
Elixi-CARE BG is water soluble at room temperature and can be added directly in aqueous phase.

Dosage level

Recommended use concentration

3 -30%


soluble in water, n-Propanol, Glycerol, iso-Propanol, Ethanol Ester or Ketones


AspectColorless clear liquid
Color (APHA)20 max
Assay (wt %)99.0 min.

• derived from natural resources
• moisturizes
• good antimicrobial properties
• fragrance enhancer
• stabilizes volatile compounds
• excellent solubilizing properties
• high purity



  • Skin Care
  • Hair Care
  • Sun Care
  • Oral care
  • Toiletries
  • Nail care
  • Antiperspirant

Natural extracts