• CAS No.- 4418-26-2
  • INCI.- Sodium dehydroacetate

Elixi-KON NaDHA, Sodium dehydroacetate, is a preservative active ingredient widely used in cosmetic and toiletries formulations. Elixi-KON NaDHA is highly effective against fungi and yeasts and offers stronger efficacy compared to many other conventional preservatives.
The efficacy of Elixi-KON NaDHA depends on the pH value of the cosmetic formulations (pH max. 6). The efficiency is increased by lowering the pH value. Only the free organic acid form has a preservative effect.
Elixi-KON NaDHA, Sodium dehydroacetate, is often used for faster incorporation due to its better solubility in aqueous formulations.
Elixi-KON NaDHA can be found in a variety of products including bath, skin care, suntan, sunscreen, wet wipes, facial masks, fragrance, shaving, hair and nail care products, and eye and facial makeup.

Elixi-KON NaDHA, Sodium dehydroacetate, is soluble in water and glycols. Maximum solubility is 33 % in water.
A 0.1 % concentration in water developed with the corresponding acid will remain in solution at room temperature.
Recommended concentration is 0.2 – 0.1 % in acid and neutral products; up to 0.2 – 0.3 % in alkaline formulations.
Elixi-KON NaDHA, Sodium dehydroacetate, is usually combined with other preservatives to maximize efficacy.
The solution is stable up to 120 °C for 1 hour. To enhance solubility a premix is suggested prior to addition (12 – 16 % concentration) in water or glycols.

Recommended use concentration

0.1 – 0.6 % (as preservative active)


Soluble in water, propylene glycol and methanol.
Insoluble in acetone and benzene.


AppearanceWhite to off-white crystalline powder
Assay (%)Min. 99.0

• Can be used in ECOCERT/COSMOS formulations
• Easy to handle
• Good efficacy against molds and bacteria
• Stable and effective over a wide of pH range compared to other acids



  • Skin care
  • Sun care
  • Baby care
  • Toiletries
  • Make up
  • Oral care
  • Hair care
  • Wet wipes
  • Facial masks

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