• CAS No.- n/a
  • INCI.- p-Anisic Acid, Polylysine, Glycerin

Epsan® C is a new natural and broad spectrum preservative system derived from p-Anisic acid and Polylysine.
It is made of natural ingredients and has an antimicrobial effect against yeast, fungi, gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, making it suitable for versatile applications in the cosmetic and nutraceutical industry.
Epsan® C is effective at a pH range between 4,5-7,5 and allows the claim “preservative-free”, as its components are not classified as preservatives.
ADME study shows that the EPSAN® C has a very poor absorption on the gastro-intestinal area, and do not accumulate in various tissues and organs.

Epsan® C can be put directly into the water phase. It is easily soluble, heat stable, almost odorless and does not affect the viscosity of the formulation.


The Polylysine binds to polysaccharides (murein or bacterial mucopeptide) present in the cell walls of bacteria and denatures them.
Since polysaccharides of bacterial origin are present also in compounds obtained through fermentation (e.g. Xanthan gum) the same phenomenon of denaturation occurs also in this case.
It is therefore advisable to not use substances obtained through a fermentation process in formulas containing EPSAN® C as preservative system.
A good replacement to Xantan gum as thickener are Tara gum (Caesalpinia Spinosa Gum) and Guar gum.


AppearanceClear liquid
pH(0,5% aq. Sol.)5,5 – 7,5
Dry residue (105°C)46.0 – 48.0

Epsan® C inhibits gram positive, gram negative bacteria, yeasts and molds
Dosage level: 0,8 – 1,2%
Solubility: clearly soluble in water at all concentrations

• Natural and safe
• Broad-spectrum
• Stable in a wide pH range
• Easy to use
• Heat-stable
• Odourless



  • Skin Care
  • Baby Care
  • Hair Care
  • Cleansing
  • Floral waters