• CAS No.- 107-88-0, 143-07-7, 2809-21-4
  • INCI.- Butylene Glycol, Lauric acid, Lauryl Alcohol Diphosphonic Acid

Chelating agents are used in almost all types of personal care formulations for increased effectiveness and improved stability. The use of these agents increases consumer acceptance. The chelation mechanism, described as a chelate complex, is based on multiple bonds (multidentate ligand) around a single central atom. Nowadays, the chelating agents on the market are almost exclusively water-soluble.
However, with the exponential growth of waterfree and waterless products, especially in toiletries, there is a real need for fat-soluble chelating agents.      Lipo-QUEST BG meets exactly this need, because Lipo-QUEST BG is an exclusive blend, with a natural index of over 0.75 (ISO 16128 standard).

Against rancidity
• Protection of easily oxidized components
• Inhibition of odor formation

Flavonoids & enolates
• Protection from fading
• Prolongation of the smell of fragrances

Prevent coloration/discoloration
• Improve stability of lipophilic ingredients: vitamins, essential oils, UV filters, fatty acids

• Avobenzone is oil soluble UV-filter
• Degradation by-products of Avobenzone are red-pink colored.

Use of the ingredient
Lipo-QUEST BG can be added at any step of the process in the lipidic phase. It fights effectively against the premature rancidity of fats even when they are repeatedly heated as in this massage candle formulation guideline.


  • Raw material shelf-life
  • Fragrance & essential oil
  • Anhydrous formulation
  • Emulsion O/W and W/O