Emulsifiers & Surfactants


  • CAS No.- n/a
  • INCI.- Polyglyceryl-6 Oleate, Potassium Olivate

Oleamuls® LOW is a 100% natural oil in water emulsifier specifically designed to create low-viscosity emulsions. PEG free – palm free.
It forms very stable liquid crystals emulsions which moisturize the epidermis and protect it by reducing TEWL. The emulsions obtained are silky, fresh and pleasant to apply.
Oleamuls® LOW has been developed for cold processing which is environmentally friendly, saving time and energy.

OLEAMULS® LOW can be used to prepare emulsions through cold-processing, with no need to heat the phases, provided that all of their ingredients are liquids.
Simple devices for mixing/homogenising can be used. In such cases, once the lipophilic ingredients have been combined with the emulsifier, simply add in the aqueous phase while stirring and using the turbo-emulsifier.
It is recommended to operate under vacuum, because the speed of the turbine generates air that may remain trapped in the product.
The emulsions created are stable, fresh, and offer a pleasant sensation of lightness, even when high quantities of oleaginous substances are present.

Dosage level 3.5 – 5% (as sole emulsifier)


AppearanceViscous oily liquid
pH6.0 – 8.0
Dry residue≥ 94%
Acid number15 max.(mg KOH/g)
Saponification number125 – 145
HLB12 (Experimental)

• Made from plant-derived raw materials, Palm Oil-free.
• For low viscosity liquid crystals emulsions as an alternative to PEG emulsifiers.
• It can be used through the cold-processing technique, with no need to heat phases, provided that all of its ingredients are liquids. This process is environmentally friendly, saving time and energy.
• Compatible with all active ingredients.
• The emulsion obtained is stable, silky, fresh, pleasant to apply and resistant to variations in temperature.
• Pleasantly light and silky sensation, even when high quantities of oleaginous substances are present. Eudermic properties with moisturizing and nourishing effect.
• Soluble in plant-derived oils, fatty alcohols, and in fatty acids and their esters. Miscible with mineral oils.



  • Classic milks (even sprayable)
  • Serums
  • Eye toners
  • Make-up removers