Emulsifiers & Surfactants


  • CAS No.- 104934-17-0
  • INCI.- Polyglyceryl-6 Pentaoleate

Oleamuls® WO is an non-ionic water in oil emulsifying system obtained from the esterification of olive oil’s fatty acids and represents the better alternative to the common PEG emulsifiers. It forms a lattice of liquid crystals within the emulsion making it look smooth and glossy in appearance with a soft and light feel, unusual in water in oil systems.
Oleamuls WO® is palm-free and environmentally-friendly because, as a liquid, it requires less energy during processing (cold processing). It is easy to use and effective at dispersing pigments and sun filters.
Oleamuls WO® is extremely well tolerated by the skin and thus very interesting for the formulation of Baby care products. It decreases the TEWL and has a regenerative and protective effect on the natural skin barrier.

It generally requires more mechanical energy to prepare a WO emulsion than it does to make an OW emulsion.
The emulsifier’s liquid form simplifies the emulsification operation significantly, as it can be carried out at a low temperature (cold processing).
The recommended procedure is as follows:
1. Add the emulsifier to the oleaginous phase. If it contains solid ingredients, heat it until it attains clarity.
2. Heat half of the aqueous phase to about 50°C.
3. Add the heated portion of the aqueous phase to the oleaginous phase, pouring it in in a gradual, thin stream, with interruptions, while stirring constantly with the turbo-emulsifier.
4. Subsequently add in the second portion of the aqueous phase, the preservative system, the active ingredients and the fragrance.
5. Continue to apply the combined action of the counter-rotating turbine/turbo-emulsifier for a few minutes.

Dosage level: 3 – 8% (as sole emulsifier)


AppearanceViscous oily liquid
pH6.0 – 8.0
Dry residue95 - 97%
Acid number5 max. (mg KOH/g)
Saponification number155 – 175
HLB6 (Experimental)

• Non-ionic emulsifier, made from plant-derived raw materials, Palm Oil-free.
• Thanks to the liquid-crystal structures it is possible to have stabilization of the emulsion viscosity even in presence of lipid phases with different polarities.
• Effective at dispersing pigments and sun filters.
• The emulsion obtained is smooth and glossy in appearance with a pleasantly light feel and emollient property.
• Easy to use at low temperatures (cold processing), soluble in ethanol, mineral and vegetal oils, fatty acids, fatty alcohols and their derivatives.


• Moisturizing creams and creams for children
• Sensitive skin and baby care products
• Sun care and after-sun products
• Foundations for make-up