500 lids for a life without polio

The project was started by the association "Deckel drauf e.V." with 100% of the proceeds supporting the Rotary project "End Polio Now". The aim of the joint initiative is that no child worldwide will contract polio ever again. 500 lids, or one kilogram, equals the value of one oral vaccine and with three vaccinations, a child is protected against polio for a lifetime.

The initiative started in 2014, since inception around 50.million lids have already been used.

 "Sometimes it's so easy: Unscrew the lid, collect it and hand it over to the recycler -
I am delighted to support this valuable project and the commitment of the association with this and other collection campaigns"; explains Basar Karaca, Managing Director of Connect Chemicals.

Please visit   www.deckel-gegen-polio.de. for more information.

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