Donations Substitute for Gifts

Donations Substitute for Gifts

For the past 10 years Connect Chemicals Group in Ratingen has adopted the practice of donating money to social institutions instead of sending Christmas presents to customers and business partners. Our employees mutually decide the recipients. For the second time in a row this year’s donation went to the Duisburg Immersatt Kinder- und Jugendtisch e.V.

Immersatt e.V. has been fighting the effects of growing poverty for 14 years and provides around 800 children throughout the city of Duisburg with healthy breakfasts and warm meals on school days year round. In addition, the association supplies youth centers with food. In two facilities in Duisburg, a total of 80 children are looked after by educators after school as well. Here the children also have the opportunity to participate in various educational and leisure activities.

Immersatt e.V. is financed 100% by donations of money and goods. Currently financial resources are needed most to ensure the food supply and to maintain their facilities.

"This project exactly matches our concept of ‘Donations Substitute for Gifts’. Children should not have to go to school hungry or be left on their own after school. That alone is motivation enough for us to support Immersatt. Above all - Especially at Christmas time we feel it is important for us to take on a little more social responsibility," says Dirk Otmar, Managing Partner of Connect Chemicals Group.

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