CAS No. 107934-68-9
EC No. 407-560-9
Synonyms CAF; 9,9-Bis-(4-amino-3-chlorophenyl)-fluorene; 4,4'-(9H-Fluoren-9-ylidene)-bis-(2-chlorobenzenamine); 4,4'-(9H-Fluoren-9-ylidene)-bis-(2-chloroaniline); 9,9-Bis(3-chloro-4-aminophenyl)-9H-fluorene


CAF (short for “C hlorophenyl A mino F luorene") is a highly specialized amine-hardener for various applications. The two primary amine-groups react readily with e.g. gylcidyl-moieties of epoxy resins, resulting in cured epoxy-matrices of outstanding electronical properties.

​CAF is mostly used as a hardener in electronic applications

  • Printed circuits, capacitors, circuit boards: CAF-hardened epoxy layers show a much lower water adsorption tendency, compared to conventional polyamine-hardeners
  • Capacitors from epoxy and dispersed metal oxides: using CAF, the resulting capacitor layers show a much lower electrical dissipation and leakage
  • Allover, CAF-cured epoxy-coatings show a very low tendency for pick-off when used in coil-coating applications

     CAF can be advantageous when used in the production of prepregs:
  • Melt-dissolved CAF acts as a latent hardener
  • Good tack at room temperature (21-25 °C)
  • Longer shelf life, easier processability
  • Outstanding water-resistance after curing

     CAF shows positive impact on the mechanical and electronic properties of hybrid polyolefine-glycidlyacrylate-hotmelts when used as crosslinker

    CAF can be used as a monomer to produce polyimide-fluorocarbon-blends
  • Resulting resins show low dielectric constant
  • Very good processability

As insulator for high-frequency electronics