StructureContex W series
CAS No. 9003-11-6
EC No. n/a
Synonyms Co-polymers of ethylene and propylene oxides giving water soluble product; Oxirane methyl-, polymer with Oxirane

Contex W series

​Contex W series contain 75 weight percent oxyethylene and 25 percent oxypropylene groups. Contex W series are water soluble polymers, chemical and shear stable, non-foaming and offer exceptional lubricity and cleanliness into many lubricant.

Contex W series can be used as a thickeners in fire resistant water-glycol hydraulic fluids. Base stock can be formulated with water and ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol or propylene glycol. Anti-corrosion and anti-wear additives are used to enhance lubricating characteristics.

Contex W series can also be used as base oils in applications such as heat treating and quenching, metalworking and aqueous thickening


  • Water glycol hydraulic fluid
  • thickener Hydraulic fluid (HFC)
  • Metal working fluids
  • Good heat transfer properties and inherent lubricity characteristics results a perfect choice to be the base for metal working fluids production from aqueous solutions of Contex W/WB series
  • Quenching Component
  • Contex W/WB series features results a perfect choice as a functional fluid in metal quenching
  • Textile fiber lubricant
  • Contex W series designed with special characteristics results as an excellent choice as a base-stock in textile lubricants.
  • Chemical Intermediate
  • Mandrel Release Agent
  • Electronic Chemica
  • Paper adhesive component

Contex W series are available as neat, undiluted polyol.

For ease in transport and handling Contex WB series represent the best option.

Contex WB series have the same chemistry as Contex W series containing water inside in different proportion.

Connect Chemicals is able to supply tailor made products to satisfy customer's needs.


Packaging & Shelf Life

Drums à 200 kg net, IBC à 1000 kg net, Isotank on demand

Under proper storage conditions the shelf life is 12 months


Health & Safety

Detailed information on the product described can be found in our relevant Health and Safety Information (Material Safety Data Sheet)​