StructureDodecyl glucoside
CAS No. 59122-55-3
EINECS/ ELINCS No. 261-614-4
Synonyms D-Glucopyranose oligomers; C10-16 even number alkyl glycosides; Lauryl Glucoside; D-Glucopyranose, oligomeric, C10-16-alkyl glycosides; Alkyl D-Glucopyranoside; (C10-16)alkyl D-glycopyranoside

Dodecyl glucoside

​Dodecyl Glucoside is a non-ionic surfactant commonly used in cosmetics and detergents. It is a glycoside produced from glucose and lauryl alcohol. It can be used as a foaming agent, conditioner or emulsifier. Dodecyl glucoside has excellent foaming capacity and good dermatological compatibility, therefore it is suitable for use as a base surfactant or a co-surfactant in cosmetic surfactant cleansing preparations.
Dodecyl glucoside is derived from Coconut and is useful in haircare products where it aids hair cleaning abilities.
Furthermore, Dodecyl glucoside is a suitably 'eco-friendly' choice to be used alongside other glucosides to enhance the foam and skin conditioning properties as this product it is biodegradable.


  • Detergents
  • Personal Care

Packaging and Shelf Life:

  • 200 kg drums
  • 1000 kg IBC's

Under proper storage conditions shelf Life is 1 year from date of production. However, material may be used up to 2-years later, if stored in cool dry conditions, without freezing.

Health & Safety:
Detailed information on the product can be found in our Material Safety Data Sheet.

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