StructureGlycolic acid 70% / 99% (cosmetic grade)
CAS No. 79-14-1
EC No. 201-180-5
Synonyms INCI: Glycolic acid; Glycolic Acid; Hydroxyacetic Acid; Aceticacid,hydroxy-; acidehydroxyacetique; hydroxyaceticacid; glycolic

Glycolic acid 70% / 99% (cosmetic grade)

Glycolic Acid 70% (cosmetic grade) is the smallest molecule of the Alpha Hydroxy Acid. Due to its small size, it is able to penetrate the skin, getting into the pores to clear out debris and unclog thepores. This stimulates new growth of skin and removal of old, dead, dull skin. 

​Glycolic Acid 70% (cosmetic grade) is mainly used to improve the appearance and texture of the skin through chemical peel process. Once applied to the skin it breaks down the lipids that hold the dead skin cells on the surface, speeding their removal, resulting in an improved appearance with fewer spots, refined pores, and a more even skin tone that is more radiant.

In hair applications, Glycolic Acid 70% (cosmetic grade) formulations have been shown to penetrate the hair shaft without damaging or breaking it, contributing to softer and more manageable hair. Glycolic Acid 

70% (cosmetic grade) is ideal for anti-aging products where you need exfoliation, sebum control in skin and hair, skin discoloration, hyperpigmentation solutions, peels and masks, wrinkle/line reducer.

The recommended use levels for Glycolic Acid 70% (cosmetic grade) are from 0.5% to 15%.


Packaging & Shelf Life

Drum 250 kg net

Under proper storage conditions the shelf life is 18 months

Health & Safety

Detailed information on the product described can be found in our relevant Health and Safety Information (Material Safety Data Sheet)