StructureHexafluorozirconic acid (HFZA)
CAS No. 12021-95-3
EC No. 234-666-0
Synonyms Hexafluorozirconic acid; Fluozirconic acid; Hydrogen hexafluorozirconate

Hexafluorozirconic acid (HFZA)

​Hexa fluoro zirconic acid (HFZA) is primarily used in the metal industry as corrosion inhibitor for surface pre-treatment. It is most effective on aluminum, but can also used on other metals.


  • Metal surface treatment
  • Electroplating
  • Aluminium lacquering in chrome-free processes

Grades available:

  • Product can be offered as 20% and 45% solution

Packaging & Shelf Life:

  • Drums of 25kg and 250kg net
  • IBCs / totes of 1.250 / 1.400kg net
  • Others on request

Under proper storage conditions the shelf life is 12 months.

Health & Safety:
Detailed information on the product can be found in our Material Safety Data Sheet.


Hexafluorozirconic acid (HFZA) is mainly used as corrosion inhibitor by customers active in the metal and coatings industry. It does show highest effectiveness on aluminium though it can be used on other metals as well. Customers are using Hexafluorozirconic acid as an alternative of nickel based products with less hazardous properties when it comes to environmental as well as health and safety related regulations. Applications of Hexafluorozirconic Acid include electroplating, aluminum lacquering in chrome-free processes, synthesis of fluoride releasing dental monomers, as a precursor of ZrO2 ceramic films as well as metal surface passivation.

Hexafluorozirconic acid reduces the occurrence of sludge as a side product, unlike for example Zincphosphate based systems


Hexafluorozirconic acid - chemical properties & packing options

The chemical formula of Hexafluorozirconic acid is H2ZrF6. The related CAS no is 12021-95-3: EC no is 234-666-0. Synonyms are fluorozirconic acid, dihydrogen hexafluorozirconate, hydrogen zirconium fluoride or hydrogen hexafluorozirconate.

Hexafluorozirconic acid has corrosive effects on metals as well as on skin and eyes. It is thus classified as a class 8 product as per ADR, IMDG, IATA regulations. The related UN code is 2922. Under proper storage conditions the shelf life of Hexafluorozirconic acid is 12 months.

For more detailed information on this product with regards to health and safety properties please refer to our Material Safety Data Sheet.

Hexafluorozirconic acid is available as a 20% and 45% solution. Connect is able to supply material in drums of 25kg and 250kg net as well as in IBCs / totes of 1000kg and 1.400kg. Other packing options are available on request.


Connect Chemicals – your supplier of high quality Hexafluorozirconic Acid

Connect Chemicals develops, produces and markets specialty chemicals. We are a global organization running 11 offices in 8 different countries as well 3 production sites in China. Our sourcing network does operate globally with a strong focus in Asia. Beside our activities in production and distribution, customs manufacturing has become an important area of activity of our company.

In every country of presence we are operating with warehouses enabling us to supply our standard products to customers promptly. We comply with highest industry standards for both – quality of our products as well as our working and safety procedures. Meeting local regulations such as REACH, ROHS etc

If you have additional questions about Hexafluorozirconic acid, our Product Manager Thomas Volkerts will be glad to assist you.


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