StructureOctylphosphonic acid
CAS No. 4724-48-5
EC No. 225-218-5
Synonyms n-Octylphosphonic acid; Phosphonic acid, octyl-; 1-octyl phosphonic acid; Phosphonic, p-octyl-

Octylphosphonic acid

OPA 80% is an 80% solution 1-octyl phosphonic acid / OPA 97% is a 97% version of 1-octyl phosphonic acid. The material is used as a surface modifier, chelant and in the sodium and potassium salt forms has surfactant properties useful in the formulation of hard surface cleaners.


  • Application: Pigments
  • Surface Modification
  • Pearlescent pigments
  • ​Metallic flake pigments

Pigments become suitable for powder coating formulations. OPA improves luminance and flop of powder formulations
Improved chroma results. 

Example data below

Formulation       Luminance         Chroma

1% OPA               32                        6.5

Control                27                        0.4

  •  Aluminum flake pigment stabilization; improved gassing performance up to 50%
  •  stain inhibitor for aluminum surfaces Application: Cleansers
  • ​wetting agent
  • scale remover
  • corrosion inhibitor

Research projects were already implemented for:

  • mixed self-assembled layers of phosphonic acids
  • low adhesion, non-wetting phosphonate self-assembled monolayer films formed on copper oxide surfaces
  • study of the self-assembling of n-octylphosphonic acid layers on aluminum oxide
  • ​​fabrication of DNA nanowires by orthogonal self-assembly and DNA intercalation on a Au patterned Si/SiO2 surface

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Packaging & Shelf Life:

Drum à 204kg net.

IBC à 1000 kg net.

Life time: one year from the certification date

​Health & Safety:

(standard sentence) Detailed information on the product described can be found in our relevant Health and Safety Information (Material Safety Data Sheet).


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