StructureTetra isopropyl titanate (TIPT)
CAS No. 546-68-9
EC No. 208-909-6
Synonyms Titanium (IV) isopropoxide; Tetraisopropyl Orthotitanate; Isopropyl Titanate; 2-Propanol, titanium(4+) salt; Tetraisopropyl titanate; Titanium tetraisopropoxide; Tetraisopropoxy titanium

Tetra isopropyl titanate (TIPT)

​Tetra Isopropyl Titanate (TIPT) belongs to the product group of organic titanates, which are known to be highly reactive organics that can be used in a broad range of processes and applications. It is a colorless, slighty yellowish liquid that is very sensitive to moisture.


  • Catalyst to produce plasticizers, polyesters and methacrylic esters
  • Adhesion promoter
  • Cross-linking for polymers
  • Coatings
  • Surface modification (metal, glass)

Packaging & Shelf Life:

  • Drums of 190kg net
  • Bulk
  • Others on request

Under proper storage conditions the shelf life is 12 months.

Health & Safety:
Detailed information on the product can be found in our Material Safety Data Sheet.

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