Structuren-Butyl vinyl ether
CAS No. 111-34-2
EC No. 203-860-7
Synonyms 1-Ethenoxybutane; 1-vinyloxybutane; Butane, 1-(Ethenyloxy)-; Butoxyethene; (Butyloxy)ethylene; Butyl Vinyl Ether; Ethenyl n-butyl ether; Ether, butyl vinyl; Vinyl butyl ether; Vinyl n-butyl ether

n-Butyl vinyl ether

​n-Butyl Vinyl Ether (NBVE) is mainly used as reactive diluent, for example in the radiation curing of hybrid polymer coatings for paints, inks, adhesives, etc., which transform within a few seconds to a solid state through a chemical reaction, and as co-monomer (with Olefins, Siloxanediols and Diisocyantes for example). In coatings a solid and dry film is formed.

n-Butyl Vinyl Ether (NBVE) can further be used alone to prepare homopolymers for adhesives, paints, lubricators, elastomers, etc..

When used as reactive diluent for adhesives, coatings, finishes, lube-oil-additives, etc. n-Butyl Vinyl Ether (NBVE) provides compatibility, hydrophilicity, plasticity, etc. and can improve processing, dyeing, toughness, softness, clarity, brilliance and other properties of the material.

n-Butyl Vinyl Ether (NBVE) is also used as an intermediate for the production of polyvinyl ether and other chemical compounds, for example as intermediate for pharmaceuticals, plasticizers and anticorrosives.

Shelf life

Under proper storage condistions, the shelf life is 12 months

Health & Safety

Detailed information on the product described can be found in our relevant Health and Safety Information (Material Safety Data Sheet)