StructureChloro acetyl chloride (CAC)
CAS No. 79-04-9
EC No. 201-171-6
Synonyms Monochloro Acetylchloride; CACl; CLACC; MCAC; Acetyl chloride; Chloroacetic chloride; Chloroacetyl Chloride; Chloroacetic acid chloride; .alpha.-Chloroacetyl chloride

Chloro acetyl chloride (CAC)

Chloroacetyl chloride are produced by the carbonylation of methylene chloride, oxidation of vinylidene chloride or the addition of chlorine to ketene.

As a common reagent Chloroacetyl chloride are involved in the production of herbicides like metolachlor, actoclor, alachlor and butachlor.

Its bifunctionality allows the formation of wide range of esters and amides.

In pharmaceuticals Chloroacetyl Chloride are widely used as intermediates for the manufacturing of Diazepam, Pirenzepine, Diclofenac and other.

Shelf Life

Under proper storage conditions, the shelf life is 8 months

Health & Safety

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