Structureo-Ethoxyaniline (OEA)
CAS No. 94-70-2
EC No. 202-356-4
Synonyms 1-Amino-2-ethoxybenzene; 2-aminoethoxybenzene; 2-Aminophenetole; o-aminophenol, ethyl ether; 2-Epoxybenzamine; 2-ethoxyaniline; ortho-phenetidine; o-Phenetidine; Benzenamine, 2-ethoxy- (9CI); o-Ethoxyaniline; 2-Ethoxyphenylamine

o-Ethoxyaniline (OEA)

o-Ethoxyaniline (OEA) is a colorless liquid and one of three isomers of the methoxy-containing aniline derivative.


  • Cosmetic additives (synthesis of Actoquinol)
  • Pharmaceutical APIs (synthesis of Selprazine and Phenacitin)
  • Dyes (synthesis of Naphthol AS-PH)
  • heartwood indicator.
  • Acid solution of o-Ethoxyaniline is diazotized and when mixture is applied on wood a reddish dye appears on the heartwood as a consequence of reaction of o-Ethoxyaniline with polyphenols.


Shelf Life

Under proper storage conditions, the shelf life is 12 months.

Health & Safety

Detailed information on the product described can be found in our relevant Health and Safety Information (Material Safety Data Sheet).