StructureEthyl vinyl ether
CAS No. 109-92-2
EC No. 203-718-4
Synonyms 1-Ethoxyethene; 1-Ethoxyethylene; Ethene, ethoxy; Ether, vinyl ethyl, ethoxyethene; ethoxyethylene; Ethyl ethenyl ether; Vinyl ethyl ether

Ethyl vinyl ether

Ethyl vinyl ether (chemical formula CH3CH2OCH=CH2) is a colorless unsaturated monomer with an ether like odor. It is the simplest enol ether that is liquid at room temperature. It is used as a synthetic building block and a monomer. Ethyl vinyl ether by Connect Chemicals has high reactivity, good consistency & exceptional quality.

Properties of Ethyl vinyl ether

Ethyl vinyl ether is an organic compound which is less dense than water and vapors are heavier than air with low-boiling liquid (35-36°C) & flash point below -50°F. It offers low glass transition temperature, protective groups, low toxicity and very good reactivity in the presence of appropriate catalysts.

Main Applications of Ethyl vinyl ether

  • Рharmaceuticals
  • Lubе Оіl Аddіtіvеѕ
  • Flаvorѕ Аnd Реrfumеrу Сhеmісаlѕ
  • Рlаѕtісѕ
  • Dіѕреrѕіоnѕ


Ethyl vinyl ether is a convenient anesthetic drug in all ages and for all operative procedures not requiring muscle relaxion or the use of the cautery. It is an adequate and safe analgesic agent by the open drop technique. Its benefits are rapid induction, emergence, and shift of level of anesthesia. It can be used as monomer for polymerization, cross-linking monomers, and reactive diluents for UV curing.


Ethyl vinyl ether is a comonomer for fluoropolymer resins for highly durable coatings. It provides solubility, adhesion and crosslinking. It is also an intermediate of fine chemicals, and can be used in the production of sulfadiazine, disinfectant glutaraldehyde, polymer, coating.

Flаvоrѕ Аnd Реrfumеrу Сhеmісаlѕ

Ethyl vinyl ether is used in as building blocks for aroma and agro chemicals, lubricating oil additives and spices preparation. It acts as an intermediate for sulfadiazine. It finds application in pharmaceuticals as anesthetics and analgesics. Further, it is used as a solvent in organic synthesis.


As a comonomer, Ethyl vinyl ether is used in the production for polyvinyl ether resins. These soft resins are saponification resistant and improve the adhesion and flexibility of printing inks.

Other Applications

  • Ethyl vinyl ether has application in adhesives – It is used as a monomer for tackifying adhesives with varying properties.
  • It is the best choice for a wide range of syntheses including polymerization, addition and electro cyclic reactions.
  • Ethyl Vinyl Ether is used in biological studies as bio-inspired synthetic nanovesicles for glucose-responsive release of insulin.
  • We can help you to be more successful with your new applications by creating customized solutions with our extensive range of technical and chemical know-how.

Shelf Life

Under proper storage conditions, the shelf life is 12 months.

Air-sensitive; keep in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place in tightly closed containers; store below 4 C; keep away from ignition sources.


Should be stored in a closed system and be kept in a dry dark place without any light exposure.

The shelf life is two years in original, unopened containers.

Stored separately from oxidants and acids.

Health & Safety

Detailed information on the Ethyl vinyl ether described can be found in our relevant Health and Safety Information (Material Safety Data Sheet)