StructurePhosphoric anhydride (P2O5)
CAS No. 1314-56-3
EC No. 215-236-1
Synonyms Diphosphorus pentoxide; phosphoric pentoxide; Phosphorous pentaoxide; P2O5

Phosphoric anhydride (P2O5)

Phosphoric anhydride (P2O5) It is the anhydrous form of phosphoric acid. The Product is also known in the market as (di) Phosphorous pentoxide or Phosphoric pentoxide. 

There is a wide range of applications in the chemical industry. One of the major ones is the production of Phosphate Esters by reacting P2O5 with the alcohols or phenols.


  • catalyst in production of phosphoric acid supported catalysts
  • reagent for condensations in organic synthesis such as acetylation, alkylation and others. End products such as cyclic ketones or olefins are widely used in dyes or pharmaceutical intermediates
  • production of sodium/ammonium phosphates
  • intermediate to produce Polyphosphoric Acid
  • drying agent

Shelf Life

Under proper storage conditions, the shelf life is 12 months

Health & Safety

Detailed information on the product described can be found in our relevant Health and Safety Information (Material Safety Data Sheet).