StructureSodium glucoheptonate (H-Quest E-5)
CAS No. 31138-65-5
EC No. 250-480-2
Synonyms SGH Mother Liquor 40%; NaGlucoheptonate 50%; Glucoheptonic acid monosodium salt

Sodium glucoheptonate (H-Quest E-5)

The E5 sequesters hard water metal ions, improving the efficiency of processes. It eliminates corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement arising from contact with acid solutions. It offers high plating efficiency due to the elimination of ferrocyanide build up. It produces brighter and more adherent metal surface. It accelerates the action of alkali metal degreasing baths.


  • Micronutrients – E5 has many agricultural uses as a high performing chelating agent. The high level of performance is due to its efficiency in forming stable chelates with di- and tri- valent metal ions.
  • Alkali cleaning, de-rusting and paint stripping of metals – The E5 is an effective sequestrant for earth metals such as calcium and magnesium. It inhibits the formation of insoluble calcium and magnesium salts as well as dissolving rust films in highly alkaline solutions. It is also an excellent sequestrant for iron under alkaline conditions. A solution of H-Quest E5 and caustic soda will remove soil, oil and phosphate deposits. The E5 is compatible with alkali detergents and wetting agents.
  •  Aluminium etching and cleaning – The addition of H-Quest E5 to a caustic soda solution will greatly aid the process of aluminium etching and cleaning by dissolving the aluminium oxide film and preventing its re-depositing on the metal.
  •  Concrete additive – Small amounts of E5 have a significant effect on controlling the setting time of concrete, resulting in improved plasticity and cohesion of the wet mix. It also effects the hardening of the concrete resulting in increased strength. It produces a permanent increase in cement volume and inhibits the corrosion of the metal used in reinforced concrete.


Shelf Life

Under correct storage conditions, the shelf life is 12 months.

Health & Safety

Detailed information on the product described can be found in our relevant Health and Safety Information (Material Safety Data Sheet).