StructureTri (Ethylene glycol) divinyl ether
CAS No. 765-12-8
EC No. n/a
Synonyms 2-[2-(2-ethenoxyethoxy)ethoxy]ethoxyethene; 2-[2-(2-vinyloxyethoxy) ethoxy] ethoxyethylene; 3,6,9,12-Tetraoxatetradeca-1,13-diene; Divinyl ether of triethylene glycol; Tri(ethylene glycol) divinyl ether; Triethylene glycol divinyl ether

Tri (Ethylene glycol) divinyl ether

​Triethylenglycol divinyl ether is a reactive diluent and comonomer for

  • unsaturated polyesters,
  • UV coatings, such as metal coil and can coatings as well as plastic coatings,
  • UV inks, such as flexographic printing inks,
  • UV adhesives & release coatings.

Triethylenglycol divinyl ether provides low viscosity in UV-coatings, especially in cationic polymerization.


  • Crosslinker for Polyacrylate polymers used as ion exchange resins and as building block for sulfur based sealant compounds.
  • Intermediate for Agrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Dyestuff

Shelf Life

Under proper storage conditions, the shelf life is 12 months

Health & Safety

Detailed information on the product described can be found in our relevant Health and Safety Information (Material Safety Data Sheet)