StructureTriethyl orthoformiate (TEOF)
CAS No. 122-51-0
EC No. 204-550-4
Synonyms Triethoxymethane; Orthoformic acid triethylester 1,1',1''-[Methanetriyltris(oxy)]triethane TEOF

Triethyl orthoformiate (TEOF)

Triethyl ortoformate (TEOF) is a colorless liquid. Its common synthesis route is from the reaction between hydrogen cyanide and ethanol.

Triethyl ortoformate(TEOF) is an excellent reagent for converting compatible carboxylic acids to ethyl esters.


  • Pharmaceutical API and intermediate synthesis
  • Cosmetic additives: the product is used as intermediate to manufacturer Lycopene and 4-methoxy-alpha-methyl-Benzenepropanal
  • Food Chemicals: TEOF is used as anintermediate to manufacturer Lycopene and Exaltolide
  • Agrochemicals: this product is an intermediate to manufacturer: Isoxaflutole, Tioxazafen, Pyraclonil, Benzocaine, Thiamine, Azoluron, Japonilure, Ethyl Maltol, etc
  • Veterinary Drugs: TEOF is used as an intermediate to manufacturer Amprolium, Pradofloxacin, Enrofloxacin and Orbifoxacin
  • Polyurethane coating: it can be used as water scavenger for solvent based polyurethane coating where recommended weight content should be 1-3 %.

Shelf Life

Under proper storage conditions, the shelf life is 12 months from date of production.

Health & Safety

Detailed information on the product described can be found in our relevant Health and Safety Information (Material Safety Data Sheet).