Coatings Adhesives Sealants

We are a manufacturer and distributor of a range of specialty raw materials used in various applications such as coatings, adhesives and sealants. We combine extensive know-how and industry expertise to assist our customers’ needs.

The main task of a coating is to provide surface protection against substrate wear and tear (against corrosion, stone chipping, scratches, abrasion or chemical attack...) as well as enhancing aesthetic (such as colour, glass, opacity....) and physical properties.

An adhesive material is any substance applied to the surface of another material that binds them together and resists separation. This process includes the ability of adhesives to bind different materials together, distribute stress more efficiently across joints and improves the aesthetics of design flexibility.

Sealants bind materials but they are not adhesives and vary in size, strength and nature. They may be weak or strong, flexible or rigid, permanent or temporary. A sealant is any material used to block the passage of liquids, gases, dust and heat transmission through the surface, corners or opening of any material.


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