Custom manufacturing

Custom manufacturing is a matter of confidence, performance and partnership.

Basing on own production sites in Asia, we offer a broad spectrum of different services for the chemical industry. Starting from R&D to upscaling and bulk production of specialty chemicals. In addition to own production sites, we also have access to many partners in different locations around the globe where we can help to service your needs in warehousing, manipulation and chemical production.

Confidentiality is assured and exclusive manufacture is offered within the frame of a secrecy agreement. Business, however, is very much characterized by globalization. If you want to move your production or only part of your synthesis steps to Asia, Connect Chemicals could be the choice.

R&D and production in our manufacturing plants in China as well as a good partner network worldwide can manage your needs on an international basis, taking advantage of all what it needs - CONNECT.

Chemical Contract Manufacturing

Chemical Contract Manufacturing is one of the many services Connect Chemicals offers as your competent and experienced partner for specialty chemicals of all kinds. As a global leader in the sourcing, distribution, manufacturing and custom development of specialty chemicals, we serve a wide range of industries since nearly two decades. For chemical contract manufacturing, we are offering a broad spectrum of chemical capabilities thanks to our own production sites and network of partnering companies in Asia. This is naturally not limited to only R&D and process development, but includes upscaling and bulk production of specialty chemicals in a contract manufacturing agreement.

Chemical Contract Manufacturing – tailored to your needs and confidential

We value our customer relations above all else, and are aiming to become your preferred long term partner in all our areas of expertise. Thus, chemical Contract Manufacturing with Connect Chemicals means that you will work with us in the frame of a secrecy agreement. Within this framework, we provide confidentiality and exclusive manufacturing arrangements, while still giving you the option to move production or part of your synthesis steps to Asia as part of a more global strategy. Our manufacturing plants in China in combination with a good partner network ensure that we can manage your needs for chemical contract manufacturing on an international basis. Our decades long experience in the sourcing of hard to find niche products and local offices with well-connected experts in the field can help you with finding the most economic raw material supply for your custom manufacturing projects. By tasking us with your chemical contract manufacturing, you gain immediate access to quality technologies and facilities, as well as experienced professionals who will employ an individual and flexible approach to your evolving needs, providing you with the most economical solution for your custom manufacturing project.

Our dedicated technical and commercial team will cooperate closely with you to understand your requirements for chemical contract manufacturing and implement them to your full satisfaction. Based on this initial evaluation and discussion, we will choose the best suited partner in regards to technical requirement and experience from our vast network. Together with well-educated chemists we will optimize your lab protocol and suggest the economically most reasonable synthetic route for your product. After testing and optimizing the chosen route for robustness and feasibility, scale-up and pilot plant trials are followed by large-scale commercial production. The results of each stage will be summarized and jointly discussed with you, providing the chance for further input for optimization.

Trusting Connect Chemicals with your chemical contract manufacturing projects reduces your financial risk, gives you immediate access to enlarged capacities or helps you to secure your supply chain by establishing a reliable second source for strategic raw materials. Instead of bothering yourself and your people with all the tasks described above, you are free to focus on advancing your core business.

Chemical Contract Manufacturing with Connect Chemicals as your dedicated partner

Chemical Contract Manufacturing with Connect Chemicals means a cooperation with a partner who excels in experience, individual solutions, and of course chemical expertise. We are a global organization and operate a network of offices on several continents like Europe, North America and Asia. Our culturally sensitive team knows the differences in business culture worldwide and is highly qualified to support you when you scale your product for an international market. As your partner for chemical contract manufacturing, we comply with highest standards when it comes to security and production standards. Custom Manufacturing on your demand – join resources with us, and let´s build solutions together.