StructureCalcium acetylacetonate (ACAC )
CAS No. 19372-44-2
EC No. 243-001-3
Synonyms Bis(pentane-2,4-dionato)calcium, CaAcAc, calcium bis (2Z)-4-oxopent-2-en-2-olate

Calcium acetylacetonate (ACAC )

Calcium acetylacetonate (ACAC)

Calcium acetylacetonate (ACAC) is the most ordinary heat stabilizer for halogenated polymers such as PVC. It can also be used as a catalyst, cross-linking agent, resin hardening accelerant, resin and rubber additive.

ACAC Calcium Acetylacetonate is a calcium source that is soluble in organic solvents as an organometallic compound, also known as metalorganic, organo-inorganic and Metallo-organic compounds.

​Industrial applications:

  • Heat stabilizer in PVC
  • Crosslinker in PVC
  • Hardener accelerant in epoxy-resin
  • Catalyst agent for organic synthesis
  • Rubber additive
  • Former agent in superconductive film
  • Former agent in heat-reflecting glass film

    Packaging & Shelf Life:

    Bags of 25 kg net (GW 25.9 kg)

    Health & Safety:

    Detailed information on the product described can be found in our relevant Health and Safety Information (Material Safety Data Sheet).

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