Connect Chemicals is focusing on specialty products for paper production. We are active in 2 market segments: Color Change Technologies for thermal and carbonless papers as well as water based barrier coatings for packaging grades.

Thermal and Carbonless papers

Connect Chemicals is not only a world market leader in production and sales of color former products, we also continue expanding our range of sensitizers and developers for thermal paper. Our products are designed to meet challenging quality, performance and commercial requirements. In economy or top-coated thermal papers, for blue or black image carbonless paper, organic or inorganic carbonless paper CF materials we deliver the products you need to give you an edge in innovation and improve your image.

Thermal paper is used today in an ever increasing number of applications such as point of sales receipts, admission, transportation and lottery tickets, medical records, baggage tags, postage stamps, delivery and food retailing labels, to name but a few.

A thermal paper comprises a base paper and a coating comprising a layer of heat-sensitive chemicals known as the Thermal Layer.
In 2014 Connect Chemicals successfully started our new production plant in Penglai China, providing the largest capacity in the marked for color former products with more than 4'500t for the key products.

Water Based Barrier Coatings

Connect Chemicals serves the European Paper and Board Packaging market in cooperation with Spectra-Kote, our US based partner, developer and producer of water based barrier coatings.
These coatings have been specially developed to service the emerging wax replacement market, the polyethylene replacement market and the polyester replacement market. With its targeted performance grades, Spectra-Guard Coatings offer unprecedented design and reliability to the paper mills, coaters and to the box manufacturers.
We offer a wide array of different coatings to help meet your needs. Some of our most popular coatings are Grease Resistance, Water Resistance, Non Skid, Frozen Meat Box, Fire Retardant, Non Abrasive Coatings.
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