Coatings, Adhesives & Sealants

We are a manufacturer and distributor of raw materials used in various paint and coating applications, such as hyper-dispersants, surfactants, flame retardants, carbon nanomaterials, titanates, composite additives, thermal and carbonless coatings, vinyl ethers, waxes etc... 
We combine extensive know-how and industry expertise to assist our customers coating needs. 
The main task of a coating is to provide surface protection (against corrosion, stone chipping, scratches, abrasion or chemical attack...) and/or decorative finishes (such as colour, glass, opacity....)

Paints and coatings can generally fall into the following segments:

  • Architectural coatings – this is the largest sector of this market. These are often coloured paint products, anticorrosion coatings, fireproofing coatings.... these products tend to be decorative as well as functional.
  • Industrial coatings – these tend to be used in the automotive, aerospace, consumer products, original equipment manufacturing... these coatings can reduce friction, resist temperature extremes, guard against microbial contamination...
  • Specialty coatings – these are generally applied "in the field" rather than in the factory. Examples of these are traffic marking paints, marine paints....
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