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What is Custom Manufacturing?

As custom manufacturing partner of specialty chemicals, Connect Chemicals offers tailor made solutions and products for our customers starting right from creating a chemical synthesis idea on paper , evaluating and confirming this idea in the laboratory, through pilot to mid-size and full-size commercial production.  We support you beyond the development and synthesis by complete handling of raw material sourcing to final delivery, providing quality control on all project levels. 

Our comprehensive engagement process allows us to address your manufacturing bottlenecks, overcome technical obstacles, enlarge your capacity in a short period of time and at the same time remain flexible and economical.. Our dedicated team of experts across 8 countries advise and support your innovation with a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience.

Where can we help in your Manufacturing Process?
We can transform your Idea to Product with Flexibility, Agility & Adaptability

Support for ALL Your Manufacturing Engagements

Increase capacity, Decrease investments

We have the flexibility and capacity to collaborate with you as you are scaling up new products, starting with small batch sizes and growing to larger runs. This gives you quick access to additional capacity without heavy investments.

Shorten time to market

Custom Manufacturing removes time-consuming inefficiencies and bureaucratic hurdles with highly project-focused efficient developments. We aim to deliver robust innovation and quick process implementation with end-to-end manufacturing solutions to shorten time-to-market.

Knowledge Capitalization

Our industry expertise and years of experience have enabled us to develop & execute multiple projects, manage complexity and drive profitability all over the world. We offer solutions across the value chain, from generating new synthesis ideas to tailored logistic concepts and robust raw material sourcing, to deliver the optimum product to our customers.

More flexibility in-house

Collaborate, Evaluate, optimize and execute to turn your product ideas into real world value with our flexible in-house state-of-the-art facility and external partnerships. This allows you to focus more on what you are good at in-house.

Reduce Development Cost

It is no secret that sourcing out some processes to well-suited Custom Manufacturing partners can help you reducing product development costs, mostly due to a focused and dedicated process and less overhead costs. The resulting shorter time to market and in general lower production costs compared to in-house synthesis enhance the profitability even further.

Safeguard Product Quality

Quality issues, whether big or small, always entail costs and often have further consequences such as erosion of customer confidence and lost sales over time. With transparent development on eye-to-eye level and a rigorous quality management, combined with years of experience in Custom Manufacturing, we make the quality and consistency of your product our highest priority.

Custom Manufacturing Solutions

Right from the start of our company, we always had our focus on solving problems, joining up to create solutions and connecting all the small dots in the chemical world to ensure that our customers get the right products. This approach, which has worked so well in our sourcing and distribution business, is also at the core of our Custom Synthesis Department. When presented with a new challenge, our team of experts dives into the chemistry and process details and chooses from our network of vetted and evaluated partner companies all over the world.

Quality Standards

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