Giving added value to customers and suppliers in global chemicals trading – with this claim Connect Chemicals was founded in 1998 by Başar Karaca, Qiping Hou & Dirk Otmar.

In addition to the distribution business of a trading company, the Connect Chemicals Group further developed to a specialized "full service sourcing" company for its customers, in the field of Specialty Chemicals.

Consolidated within the Connect Chemicals Holding, various companies and offices are providing local service in the field of production, distribution, sourcing, outsourcing and blending of specialty chemicals.
By continuous growth of the organization Connect Chemicals became a well-recognized global player in the world of specialty chemical.

Some of our milestones


  • Connect Chemicals Tianjin Co Ltd. in Tianjin, China


  • Connect Chemicals Wuxi Co. Ltd in Jiangsu, China
  • Connect Chemicals Italy Srl. Vimercate, Italy


  • Connect Chemicals LLC, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Connect Chemicals UK Ltd, Cheshire, UK
  • Jingjiang Connect Chemical Co. Ltd
  • Connect Rugao Chemicals Co. Ltd. (Since 2016 Nantong Botao Chemical Co. Ltd)


  • Connect Chemicals France


  • Connect Wilson (Penglai) Chemicals, Shandong, China
  • Connect Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd, India


  • Connect Chemicals Benelux B.V.


  • Connect Chemicals Brazil


  • Connect Chemicals Türkiye


This emphasizes once again our mission and future direction, for the benefit of our customers, to the rapid changing realities of the global market for specialty chemicals.