Chemical Structure Search

Build your own chemical structure with Connect Chemicals structure search

Connect Chemicals now allows you to save your time using our quick and convenient Chemical Structure Search. You can draw chemical structures as well as reactions/reaction mechanisms and search our chemical database for an exact or substructure match on your molecule of interest. You can also use this chemical structure tool to draw and modify the standard organic chemical and organometallic structures.


Instructions for using the structure search and drawing tool

  1. Hover over the icons to learn the function of the chemical structure drawing tools.
  2. Use the canvas to construct, import, or edit your molecules.
  3. The tool contains four toolbars, placed around the drawing canvas

Lightbulb with solid fill Pro Tip : You can use the following keyboard shortcuts to make your search right:

bonds -,=,#
rings 3..8, Ph is 1
atoms C,N,O,P,S,F,L,B,I
Esc - return to the standard state (C, single bond)
Molecules may be moved by "dragging" free space and rotated by pressing concurrently also the shift key