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As your specialties partner, we offer comprehensive line products and solutions for the beauty and personal care market as we strive to perfect art and science of beauty and personal care with our innovative solutions. We serve a broad range of markets and applications: active ingredients and active delivery systems to Hair care, Make-up, Skin care, Oral care, Baby care, Sun care, color cosmetics, and skin cleansing, alternative preservation and product stability. Customers leverage our broad portfolio of ingredients, technologies and services to generate superior sustainability and functionality outcomes that can enable and enhance their formulations.


Active ingredients have various functions, such as protecting and healing the skin from the ...

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Emulsifiers & Surfactants

Emulsifiers fall under the chemical class of surfactants or surface-active substances, more specifically...

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Functional ingredients

Most of the functional cosmetic ingredients are conditioning, moisturizing agents, ...

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Most of the Lipids are oil,butter, ...

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Preservative boosters, Humectants & Solvents

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Preservatives are ingredients that protects the cosmetic product inhibiting and controlling...

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Improve the stability of products by bonding with metal ions. In foaming products, sequestrants...

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Silicone replacements

We’ve developed a product range to replace Silicone Oil, 100% natural vegetable derived....

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Solubilizers are a group of surfactants that are completely water soluble but have a little bit....

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