Hair Care

Hair care includes hygiene and cosmetology product for the haircare. With wide variety of hair textures and colors there is a need of wide range of hair types and hair care requirements right from Frizzy, Smooth, thick, thin, red, blond, or gray hairs. Haircare products have gone beyond keeping hair clean. There are shampoos and conditioners that make hair shiny, manageable, and soft. There are products to repair hair damaged and weakened in the dyeing process or protect newly colored hair from fading in the sun or with repeated washing and even tonic to make hair grow. We highly recommend this for moisturization, smoothing and anti-frizz effect, 1,3-propanediol for hair moisturizing, emollient, humectant, booster, solvent, viscosity enhancer and carrier for actives and Glyoxylic Acid for hair ironing. Connect Chemicals provides wide range of hair care ingredients for creating this variety. It includes mild surfactants for shampoos, highly effective ingredients for conditioners, and a whole palette of supporting materials and additives that make products suitable for daily use.