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As your specialties partner, we offer comprehensive line products and solutions for the beauty and personal care market as we strive to perfect art and science of beauty and personal care with our innovative solutions. We serve a broad range of markets and applications: active ingredients and active delivery systems to Hair care, Make-up, Skin care, Oral care, Baby care, Sun care, color cosmetics, and skin cleansing, alternative preservation and product stability. Customers leverage our broad portfolio of ingredients, technologies and services to generate superior sustainability and functionality outcomes that can enable and enhance their formulations.

Baby Care

We aim to make baby care better. Parents want the very best for their babies. Baby skin is ...

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Hair Care

Hair care includes hygiene and cosmetology product for the haircare. With wide variety of hair textures...

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Make up

More and more people consider beauty and care routines as a key to individualization and diversity...

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Oral Care

Oral Care has both physiological and psychological benefit. According to the American Dental Association...

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Skin Care

No two faces are the same, lifestyles differ, our preferences and needs change, and each of us is...

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Sun Care

When the sun comes out, it’s only natural to reach for the SPF. Of course, protecting your skin...

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Three-ounce shampoo. Mini deodorant. Itty-bitty body wash. Travel toiletries can be super cute, and...

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