Oral Care

Oral Care has both physiological and psychological benefit. According to the American Dental Association, almost half the population suffers with sensitive teeth and gums. With drastic change in lifestyle, more and more people these days suffer with sensitive teeth. Food pleasures like Ice-cream or hot coffee are associated with pain for many people. For these people, eating, drinking, and even cleaning their teeth is frequently a painful activity. As our gums recede, during our lifetimes due to exposure to acidic beverages, teeth grinding, or simply because of the aging process. To cater this, Connect Chemicals offers oral care products including Cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) used in some types of mouthwashes, toothpastes, lozenges, throat sprays, breath and nasal sprays, Dehydroacetic acid, Preservative and Fungicide almost insoluble in water, o-cymen-5-ol, a preservative booster for anti-microbial property, and green mouthwashes Allantoin which is frequently present in toothpaste, mouthwash, and other oral hygiene products that also meets the safety and quality standards to allow consumers maintain a healthy lifestyle.