Functional Ingredients

Citropol® F

  • CAS No.- 888224-71-3
  • INCI.- Polycitronellol

Citropol® F (INCI: polycitronellol) is a biodegradable, natural & high-performing fragrance fixative and carrier that adheres to Clean Beauty standards. As an efficient fragrance carrier, Citropol® F can solubilize a wide variety of essential oils and fragrance ingredients. Citropol® F will give an immediate and strong initial perfume impression.As a powerful fragrance fixative, Citropol® F supports controlled release of volatile ingredients over an extended period of time.

Citropol® F provides hydrolytic stability while being 100% biorenewable, biodegradable, and biocompatible. It is non-allergenic and thus suitable for sensitive skincare and haircare products.