Functional Ingredients

Citropol F

  • CAS No.- 888224-71-3
  • INCI.- Polycitronellol

Citropol F is a fragrance fixative and carrier. Citropol F has a light odor and can solubilize and present a wide variety of essential oils and fragrance ingredients. Fragrance solutions with Citropol F have the benefit of having an immediate and strong initial impression, as well as a controlled release of volatile ingredients over an extended period of time. Citropol F provides hydrolytic stability while being 100% biorenewable, biodegradable, and biocompatible. Citropol F is a high-performing fragrance fixative that adheres to Clean Beauty standards and provides renewability and long-lasting benefits.

AppearanceClear, liquid
OdorOdorless to very slight fresh
ColorColorless to slight yellow
Viscosity (mPa•s @ 25°C)260 - 400
Refractive index @ 20°C1.4 - 1.5
Surface tension (mN/m)27 - 33
Density (g/mL)0.850 - 0.950
Boiling point (°C)>200
SolubilitySoluble in alcohols and oils

Did You Know?
Citropol is made by a clean, mild, and high yielding conversion process called Process Intensified Continuous Etherification (PICETM)

Citropol F is sustainably manufactured from naturally-derived feedstocks. It is made to meet the highest standards of the cosmetics and personal care industries. The raw material terpenes are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified pine, and are upcycled via side-stream turpentine from the paper making process.

Citropol F is inherently biodegradable according to the OECD 301 B biodegradability test.