Preservatives Boosters, Humectants & Solvents

Methylpropanediol (MP Diol)

  • CAS No.- 2163-42-0
  • INCI.- Methylpropanediol

Methylpropanediol is a clear, colorless liquid which has little or no odor and is soluble in water with a soft, non-tacky feeling. It is a good replacement for other glycols such as butylene glycol or propylene glycol.
As an organic glycol is it used in skin care cosmetics as a solvent and allows other ingredients to be distributed evenly on the skin.
In addition Methylpropandiol has hydration properties necessary for healthy skin as moisture retention decreases due to aging. Methylpropandiol also has antimicrobial benefits and helps to boost the preservative action of other preservatives that are used in the cosmetic product. The use of preservatives is necessary in cosmetic products to prevent the growth of bacteria, molds and yeast. This allows a safe usage for the customer and improves the longevity of the product.

Methylpropanediol is water soluble at room temperature and can be added directly in the aqueous phase.

Dosage level

Recommended concentration 5 - 25 %

Solubility soluble in water


AppearanceClear colorless liquid
Assay (%)99,0 % min
Color (APHA)20 max

The pure product shows an antibacterial activity as reported in the chart below:

• Easy to handle
• Efficacy antimicrobial agent and preservative booster
• Provides maximum security to the customer
• Long lasting effect as an efficient skin moisturizer



  • Skin care
  • Toiletries
  • Hair care
  • Make-up
  • Antiperspirant