Ratingen Tafel

We at Connect Chemicals understands that food plays a major role in enhancing the quality of life. This belief fuels our desire to use our resources to contribute to a healthier and sustainable future for people and the planet. 
Ratingen Tafel shares this belief with us. It is a food bank located in the heart of Ratingen, Germany. A non-profit organization that provides food assistance to individuals and families in need. 

Since Covid-19, there was a massive increase in living costs, Ratingen food bank has become indispensable. The volunteer helpers make a valuable contribution to supporting people in need every day. The donation is intended to help the Ratingen food bank continue and expand its noble work.

We also understand the importance of giving back to the community. With this donation, Connect Chemicals is continuing a long-standing Christmas tradition organized by team - "donations instead of gifts", therefore supporting local communities every year.

As a company based in Ratingen, Germany, we donated 11,350 euros to the Ratingen Tafel and hope our contribution will go a long way in helping the organization. The selection is very deliberately based on regional organizations where donations arrive unbureaucratically and directly.


Ingrid Bauer, first chairman of the Ratingen table, and Karl-Josef Hussmann, second chairman and treasurer, accepted the donation check with pleasure and thanks.

"We hope that our donation will help people in need in Ratingen in the future and give them not only support but also prospects," says Andreas Wenk, CFO of Connect Chemicals GmbH.

Our donation serves as testimony of our dedication to upholding our corporate social responsibility and contributing to the betterment of our community. Connect Chemicals with its continued efforts how industries can join resources to make a positive impact around us as the success of tomorrow, begins today.


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